How can I use SplitView with published applications?

SplitView works with Citrix published applications automatically, without requiring any additional configuration.

Starting with SplitView 2008 - update 7, the SplitView installer creates registry keys to automatically start SplitView for Terminal Server users by employing logon scripts.

This causes SplitView to be auto-started with each Citrix session enabling the use of multiple monitors with published applications.

SplitView adds a logon script called SplitView.cmd to the %systemRoot%\System32 folder and points the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Appsetup key in the registry to it. The key and its usage is documented at

Note: SplitView should NOT be published by itself as a published application as it needs to work in conjunction with other applications. In a Citrix farm environment, it is likely that published applications run on several difference Citrix Presentation Servers. Thus, there is no guarantee that SplitView will be able to add multi-monitor enhancements to published applications running from another server in the farm.