Can I use Remote Desktop with two dual monitors of different resolutions?

Only some configurations are supported by Remote Desktop client in span mode. This is explained in a little more detail at:

The client needs the following for span mode to work correctly:
o Equal resolution monitors
o Total resolution of all monitors not exceeding 4096 x 2048
o Top-left monitor being the primary - the screen needs to be orientated [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

It is possible to span monitors with Remote Desktop with unequal resolutions, but requires some tweaking, as explained below.

Invoke remote desktop with the width and height arguments instead of span. Set the width to the combined width of your monitors, and set the height to the smallest monitor's height. For example, if you were using two monitors with 1680 and 1400 horizontal resolutions, use width=1680+1400=3080 and height=1050 (the smaller vertical resolution of the two monitors). Use the following on the command line to start remote desktop:

mstsc.exe /W:3080 /H:1050

You can reduce the height by a little bit to account for the local taskbar.

If the session came up maximized, un-maximize it.

Stretch(resize) the window to it’s full size and position so it fits both monitors from top to bottom.

The SplitView Options need to be configured as shown below:

Here you need to change the “Screen Division” so that the left monitor’s width is specified in “XXX” pixels on left, and use the second radio button instead of the first (which is for equal parts).

This will let you use Remote Desktop with two dual monitors of different resolutions. This works best if the height of the monitors is same or nearly same. If the height of the monitors is different, there is an empty spot on the larger monitor, that the terminal services client will not cover. This is more of a limitation of the RDP client than of SplitView.